Found Clothing

A lot gets thrown out in China, especially when things like the deconstruction of houses occurs, like in the last post.

 I found a few things down in the mess of things next to my house, including this shirt.

The shirt isn't noteworthy for looking particularly nice, but rather, because it lists the manufacture date as 1976. Who was wearing this? a former red guard? The name, number, and date of use however are not filled in. I guess it could be some fake red guard-style jacket, but why print the last year of the cultural revolution as the manufacturer date?

Meanwhile the development continues


Changing Views

Just the other day the view from my apartment looked like this

Today it suddenly looks like this

Where did all my neighbours go?


Dolls of Lugu

Dolls of people in the trees around one section of Lugu Lake. There were actually four of them, but my camera died before I was able to photograph all of them.

Lugu Lake

In Chinese there is a word, chunyun, it is used to describe the high traffic during the Chinese New Year. Everyone heads back to their family home from the holidays. Knowing this, it wasn’t so surprising then that they were sold out of tickets for the sleeper section of the train when we went to buy them not much more than week before travelling to Lugu Lake.

The area is made up of a number of small villages surrounding a large mountainous lake which crosses the border of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. It is advertised as “the kingdom of the female,” as the Mosuo ethnic group there continues to live in matriarchal societies. Depending on which section you go you will find either a fairly traditional style of Mosuo life or a lot of hotels and tourist shops. Although the spring and summer months bring in a lot of tourists, the winter is still very quiet. It is in the mountains so it does snow and is quite cold during the morning and night, but generally sunny and warm in the afternoons.